Paving Stone

Award-Winning Design & Construction

The look of distinction that the addition of pavers bring to a landscape is undeniable. When designed with vision and architectural skill your patios and walkways create functionality while expanding the architecture of your home. Paving stone materials come in many different styles and sizes to connect closely with your own personal taste and add dimension to the overall look of your home. Creating your outdoor living area begins with contacting Wilcox lawn and Landscaping. Our designers can design your Patios, Walkways, Outdoor Living areas and give your home the practicality and appeal it deserves.


Retaining Walls

Award-Winning Design & Construction

With so many uses and options for Retaining Walls, let Wilcox Lawn and Landscaping guide you through this process. Retaining walls should be constructed on a “Function Follows Form” thought process. There are many sizes and styles of retaining walls because there are so many different situations for having retaining walls. They can be non-critical walls constructed in outdoor living areas to provide architectural depth to your project. From having sitting areas, built in outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fire places and pillars the list is endless. They can also retain soils in critical areas such as steep slopes in the landscapes to hold back soils from washing away. The uses and limitations of a wide array of materials and styles allow us to successfully construct the proper and safe retaining wall your home requires.
From Seating Walls and Steps to Firepits and Pillars to your most critical walls your imagination can be realized

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