Grub & Deer Control

Grub Control

Grub Control, which lessens the amount of Grubs and other insects in the ground, is a highly effective way of keeping your lawn green and damage – free. Professional strength Grub Control also denies moles of their primary food source, lessening the impact of mole damage in your lawn as well.

Wilcox Lawn and Landscaping prefers to apply grub control on as – needed basis, so if you notice patches of dead grass in your lawn, it may be the result of grubs. Please give us a call and we can stop by and give you a free analysis and estimate.

Summer Deer Control

Spring & Summer is a great time to enjoy your gardens. Our Spring & Summer Deer Control provides long-lasting protection for your plants throughout the growing season.
Our deer control is EPA approved. Each application provides four to six weeks of protection, is long-lasting, and also has a low-smell protection. Our Deer Control will stay on the plant material in through rain and also with irrigation systems.

Summer Deer Control is an invisible protection which will retain the great appearance of your plants. Not only does it protect plants from deer, it will hold in moisture; reducing watering and increasing drought resistance during the hot dry summers.

Winter Deer Control

Winter deer control is a season long deer repellent. Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, our deer control spray does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. Our deer control provides you with six months of protection from deer. One spray as early as November will protect your shrubs into early spring.

A strong taste-deterrent will protect trees and shrubs from starving deer. You can count on us to protect your valuable landscaping, and is the strongest repellent available. No gimmicks—just a proven effective repellent to keep the deer away.